Why do I draw ?

Art has had a profound effect on my life. Painting and drawing are the most powerful tools I have. It helps me learn more about myself. It gives me an extra sense of identity and purpose in life. Creating art reminds me of how good life is. It makes me more connected to the world around me. I feel more awake and alive.


I have had an immense interest in and love for art since I was a child. My main routine was creating artwork, such as painting and drawing. I could spend hours doing it. I started with pencil sketching and even did a few paid portraits for my friends and neighbours. That was my first artist earnings. I wanted to explore more in this field and henna design caught my eye. I loved seeing a playground full of different patterns and shapes. I wanted to explore more of that trajectory. I gradually got into practising henna design and as I progressed, I was offered bridal henna work. My realization that this was not for me came after a time. I started playing with patterns and shapes using my imagination, sketching randomly in my book. During that time when I discovered Mandalas and Zentangles, I became fascinated with them. That’s how my journey began. I have invested in myself completely. Exploring and experimenting with different mediums, observing and accepting what is around and within for ideas and inspiration.

I always say, "Art gave birth to me."

“Invent your own map of journey” Swathi