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20 Mar

Verukal - Group Exhibition

Delve into the intricate journey of human existence, navigating through roots, transitions, and the quest for meaning in life's myriad experiences.

From root grows life, an intricate maze of mysteries experienced through phases of natural change. Our existence, over generations, has been a continuous effort to understand the vastness of the cosmos, the depths of its abstractness and to become our complete self in it. `The exhibition Verukal (the roots) explores the foundational aspects of one’s existence and extends to symbolise the vocation an individual is destined for. The journey of life is grounded in the soil of birth and unfurls in the spaces of the world & corners of the mind. An incident, a displacement, a loss, a conflict, an opportunity can become a point of change and reflection for an individual. At this moment, a return to the roots is suggested as a means of understanding and connecting with oneself devoid of any inhibitions. Fostered through the realms of transitions, awareness, and re-discovery, the exhibition invites the spectators to follow the connecting thread from our present to the roots.


From the genesis, the transition from a “noble savage” to the present state is a development result of human consciousness through different stages of life, at an individual and collective level. As Hegel states, the evolution of the human consciousness is developed by the dialectical process where contradictions and conflicts lead to a higher form of understanding. Thus when a human is subjected to continuous evolution, the changes that occur in one’s life become inseparable from the surrounding nature.

How do we become acquainted with our transitions in life? A question that leads us to a moment of total awareness and a limitless space for re-discovery.


In silence we create, in stillness we evolve. In a state of peace, subconscious leads to awareness and epiphanies. In such a state, when cognition is strongly connected to your subconscious, the precision of the information received becomes crucial for generating responses which can be catalysts in the journey of rediscovery. Surrounded by forces of nature and access to the subconscious mind, the transitions of life can be acknowledged, thereby reinforcing and redirecting our journey towards the roots.


“Man's search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life and not a ‘secondary rationalisation’ of instinctual drives.”

Viktor E.Frankl

As conformism and totalitarianism have conditionally ruled over one’s choices in life, somewhere the human’s ability to navigate life to search for its meaning has been ignored. Whereas, the quest of purpose can be a foundational belief system to surpass the hardest conditions of life. The driving force for re-discovery can be triggered by grief, separation, truth, beauty or love; and the concept of “existential vacuum” remains a core reason in setting an offset to this journey. When re-discovery is identified as the search for meaning of life, one is called to acknowledge the vocation or the mission by learning ways to live around the unavoidable suffering where ironically the search for meaning can never be “homeostasis.”

3 Aug
7 Aug


Everything that is, is of everything else that is. Nothing is of itself alone. All created things are united. The oneness of the universe is the sublimely simply one spiritual substance of divine mind.


14 Dec
20 Jan

Having Been is No Way to Be - Group Exhibition

A Debut Journey in the 'Having Been Is No Way To Be' Exhibition at Gallery 27

As an artist whose work is exhibited for the first time, being a part of the 'Having Been Is No Way To Be' exhibition at Mattancherry-based Gallery 27 fills me with a mix of excitement and introspection. This exhibition highlights the pressing need for Malayalis to appreciate and support art, as Geetha Sai, the curator, explains, "Gallery spaces may be aesthetically pleasing, but there's still a lack of awareness among Keralites about the true value of art." It's heartening to see Geetha and her husband Sathya Sai, experienced gallerists, take up curation for the first time to address this concern.

I feel honoured to be among the nine artists selected from different corners of India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and of course, Kerala, to showcase our homegrown talent to a broader audience. The diversity of art forms, encompassing painting and photography, makes this collection truly vibrant. It's fascinating to witness the amalgamation of mediums like acrylic, charcoal, and tempera in the paintings, elevating the entire exhibition to new heights.